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Protecting Your Brands Online

Trademarks protect your brand, and a US trademark registration can confer national rights to the use of your brand. It can give you exclusivity over your brand. A USĀ federal trademark has a presumption of validity across the 50 US states, and provides you with surprising rights in other countries due to the prevalence of US multinational corporations in the online advertising world, with giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple giving priority to US registered trademarks, even in foreign countries.

We can register your mark in the US and worldwide, and use the registration to prevent others from trading off your hard-won goodwill. We can prevent the use of your mark online, and on online vendors. You can also use your US trademark registration for leveraging your brand on or other online vendors, and as part of our services we automatically register your brand with Amazon and monitor your mark on Amazon, once the trademark registers.

As part of the trademark registration process, we first perform a direct hit search to see if the mark is available, review the mark for roadblocks like being descriptive, generic or a surname. Then we file the application and monitor the application for activity as it is examined before the USPTO.

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Terms and Conditions

Protect your business with comprehensive terms and conditions for your digital project.

Terms and conditions govern the relationship between your clients and your apps or web properties. They can help make dispute resolution simpler, and can provide you with some enforcement when clients don’t fulfill their part of the bargain. Also, if you are selling the business down the road, having a contractual relationship with your visitors is going to remove a huge uncertainty for the purchaser.

We have US-compliant terms and conditions for your online business, and we start with a frank discussion of your goals and the risks you would like to cover off. The custom terms and conditions and created by lawyers to address the particular issues faced by your business

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Mark Monitoring

Peace of mind monitoring of your mark in the US market

When you have a trademark registration, you need to police it to make sure that no one is benefiting from your hard work and marketing dollars. This is where mark monitoring comes in. We monitor your mark, and similar marks, in the USPTO and generally in the marketplace. We’ll provide you with a report every month, and knowing who is using a mark close to yours will give you options to stop the use and force them to use another mark, reducing confusion in the marketplace.

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