TrademarKraft Trademark without attorney

Low-Cost Trademark Applications

Trademark Applications without an Attorney We have been scouring the web for competent, low-cost trademark application filers that can appeal to individuals and small businesses starting out. Obviously, they have to keep costs in check while getting the trademark protection they need for their new brand. A trademark attorney or trademark lawyer would be a […]

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How much are trademark watch monitoring

How much does trademark monitoring cost? How much are trademark watch services?

How much are trademark watch services? Your new shiny trademark registration is an accomplishment – but you will need to watch the use of your trademark in the marketplace, to keep others from trading off your goodwill. If you don’t stop others from using your trademark, you might lose your trademark rights. How much will […]

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Start-up company value enhanced by patents – How patents add value and how to delay patenting costs

Start-up Value and Patent Portfolio Often in creating a start-up company., particularly in technology, the owners are looking for an eventual buy-out by a larger company (Google, Facebook), and even if they are not, the company must have value in order to receive investment. Value is gained by a competitive advantage, and one of the […]

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Patent vs Trade Secret

Patent vs Trade Secret

Patent or Trade Secret? The standard rule is, if an invention can be reverse-engineered, it should be protected with a patent; if it can’t be reverse engineered, then it can be kept as a trade secret. The advantage to a trade-secret is that it is free (only requiring some due diligence in maintaining confidentiality) and […]

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Trademarking your Blog Name

How to Trademark a Blog Name

You have a good blog idea, or have been running your blog for a while, and think that it’s a good time to protect the name of the blog with a trademark. How do you start? Trademark Search – first, you’ll want to search to be sure the blog name is not already taken. Start […]

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surname trademark supplemental register

Distinctiveness of a Trademark – Supplemental Register

In order to be registrable on the Principal Trademark Register, a trademark must be distinctive. That means it must distinguish the goods of the owner in the marketplace from the other providers (not likely to be confused with other trademarks), and it cannot be descriptive, generic or a surname. If a trademark meets these criteria, […]

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Trademark vs trade dress

Trademark vs Trade Dress

What is the difference between a trademark and trade dress? Simply, a trademark is a brand name or logo that uniquely identifies a source of manufacture or services etc. It’s typically a name or logo, but common subjects of trademark are slogans, colors, and sounds and even scents. Trademarks are registered in a Trademark Register […]

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what is trademark monitoring

What is Trademark Monitoring and Why You Need It

What is Trademark Monitoring and Why You Need It A registered trademark will lose rights if the owner does not “police” the use of the mark. That means the owner must take steps to become away of what similar marks are in use, and if they are close enough to the owner’s mark, the owner […]

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creating an unregistered trademark

How to create an unregistered trademark (Common-law Trademark) using TM symbol

How to create an unregistered trademark (Common-law Trademark) using the TM symbol What is an unregistered trademark? In order to create a valid trademark, not all trademarks have to filed and registered federally. In fact, the majority of trademarks are names that companies use for products, often never filed at all. However, they still gain […]

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How can you lose your registered trademark

How can you lose your registered trademark?

How can you lose your registered trademark? Having a registered mark gives you a presumption of validity for your mark, but is it a way to stop ANYONE from using a similar mark in a way confusing to yours? There are several ways that a registered trademark can be invalidated or removed from the register, […]

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