Brand Name Registration Check

Brand Name Registration Check

How to check registered brand names

There are just a few steps to checking registered brand names in the US. There is one central registry for brand names in the US, that is maintained at the USPTO. It’s called TESS, or Trademark Electronic Search System, and it forms the federal trademark database.

You can select a Basic Word Mark Search (Basic), or a Words and/or Design Mark Search (Structured). The Basic Search lets you search for a name, and the Structured Search lets you search a name in conjunction with the Owner of a brand.

Basic Search in TESS

If you type the brand name in the search bar in the basic search, you will receive all marks (live and dead) that contain that name. You can ignore the dead ones for the moment, as they are typically out of use. Review the live marks, focusing in particular on the registered marks. These will have a non-blank Reg. Number field. Application are also listed, but they may not register in their present form, if at all.

Structured Search in TESS

If you know the brand owner, you can search basic for brand owner, but in the structured search you can select the field “Owner” in conjunction with your search, so that you just get the brands owned by that entity, rather than brands that have the owner’s name in them. If you want to specify two fields, be sure to use the “AND” so that both conditions limit the inquiry.

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