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Brand Registration Offices – How to register your brand

Brand Registration Offices

Once you have a brand, and are trying to protect the brand, there are a number of brand registration offices that you may register your brand in, in order to protect it from counterfeits.

The Federal Government (USPTO) maintains the Federal Trademark Registry, wherein all federal trademarks are recorded and displayed for viewers to search. This should be your first stop for brand protection, as it provides strong federal protection for your brand. Some of the other brand registries also require a federal registration.

State Trademark Database – almost every state maintains a database of state trademark registrations, which can give you priority in your name and prevent the registration of a very similar company name to your trademarks.

Amazon Brand Registry – if you have a product, whether or not you are selling on Amazon, you can register the trademark with Amazon to prevent others using your trademark for knock-offs, for example. Amazon’s Brand Registry requires an issued trademark in any country, and can be used to prevent knock-offs in any country Amazon operates in.

Foreign Trademark Offices –  if you are selling internationally, you can protect your trademark in foreign trademark offices with application and registration. Once you have a US Trademark filed, the most expeditious way to file international trademarks is through the Madrid Protocol, where a number of foreign jurisdictions may be filed in at once, through a single application.

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