can someone use my trademark?

Can someone else make a product with a name that has one of my trademarked words in it?

Trademarks cover the mark in association with a product or service. Having a trademark registration doesn’t give you a monopoly on the word, and does not protect against non-commercial use, but it does give you exclusivity in commercial use of the trademark with regard to those products or services, or similar products/services.

For example, if you have a trademark SPEAKEASY for audio speakers for homes, then someone else could not use the mark SPEAKEASY for home audio speakers, or similar goods like car audio speakers or home audio receivers, as that would create a likelihood of confusion with your mark.

You cannot prevent the use of the word in a non-commercial use, however. For example, if a newspaper carried an article with the sentence “the Speakeasy (bar) had a good sound system” then it may be a non-commercial use. But if the newspaper had an ad for SPEAKEASY speaker installation, they might be infringing on your trademark, as the installation service is close enough to your product to create a likelihood of confusion.

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