TrademarKraft Trademark without attorney

New, Low-Cost Trademark Applications

Trademark Applications without an Attorney We have been scouring the web for competent, lo-cost trademark application filers that can appeal to individuals and small businesses starting out. Obviously, they have to keep costs in check while getting the trademark protection they need for their new brand. A trademark attorney or trademark lawyer would be a […]

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How much are trademark watch monitoring

How much does trademark monitoring cost? How much are trademark watch services?

How much are trademark watch services? Your new shiny trademark registration is an accomplishment – but you will need to watch the use of your trademark in the marketplace, to keep others from trading off your goodwill. If you don’t stop others from using your trademark, you might lose your trademark rights. How much will […]

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Geographical Indications Trademark

What are Geographical Indications Trademarks?

What are Geographical Indications? Geographical Indications are used to guarantee that certain products come from certain areas. Think sparkling wine from Champagne, or Prosciutto from Parma. Often associated with agriculture or food products, Geographic Indications are there to provide some assurance of the source of these products, while providing the local producers an edge in […]

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Registered Trademark Symbol

Trademark TM vs R

You keep seeing the TM or R-in-a-circle in superscript beside a trademark, but what does it really mean? When a trademark is in the application stage, or is in use in an unregistered trademark sense, then the TM (™) works well to provide notice that the name is being used as a trademark. Unregistered marks […]

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Likelihood of confusion across different classes

Trademark Refusal Based on Likelihood of Confusion with a Different Class?

A refusal of your trademark application based on a likelihood of confusion may occur with a similar mark in a different class. How is this possible? Doesn’t a similar mark in a different class mean that the marks are separated in the marketplace? Not necessarily. In my 10 years of trademark practice, I have encountered […]

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arbitration agreements benefit business owners

Arbitration Clauses – Why you want them!

Arbitration clauses in terms and conditions for web sites and apps provide the owner with huge benefits when disputes arise. An arbitration clause moves a dispute from the court system, and its unknown costs and duration, to a private arbitrator, wherein the cost and duration is generally known. Also, the arbitrator will be more familiar […]

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Trademark Brand Registry

Trademarks with Amazon Brand Registry – Defend your Brand

Defend your brand on Amazon with a registered trademark and the Amazon Brand Registry Once you are successful on Amazon, customers will get to know your brand and will look for it before making their purchases. However, copycats will swoop in and try to benefit from your goodwill, that you have built up with blood, […]

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Digital Nomad Tax Planning

Digital Nomad Tax – Where Do I File?

We are digital nomads – where do we file taxes? As digital nomads, we love to travel. Sometimes we are out of our home country for years, and may not even be legally resident in the other countries we travel through. Because, when we are on a tourist Visa we are no resident, under the […]

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Yellow Pages for USA and Canada Business
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