how much to trademark a logo

How much is it to trademark a logo?

How much is it to trademark a logo?

So you have the new logo for your business, fresh off the designer’s laptop. It’s engaging, dynamic and representative of your business or product in so many ways. You’re going to receive a lot of brand loyalty from customers, who will be looking for the brand when they are searching for your goods and services in the marketplace. So how do you protect your logo? With a trademark filing, of course.

How much is a trademark for your logo? It depends on how many classes of goods and services you’ll need. There are two filing systems through the USPTO, TEAS Reduced Fee or TEAS Plus. For TEAS Reduced Fee, the fee is $275 per class. In this system, you can simply provide your listing of the goods and services, and let the Examiner sort them out. You’ll probably have to restate them, and the Office will also let you know how many total classes you’ll require. TEAS Plus’ official fee is only $225 per class, but you need to select the individual goods and services from a pre-approved list.

Then you have the attorney fees. A low-cost provider will come in at about $150 – $250 for a filing, but traditional attorneys from small firms charge $400 – $600 for a trademark filing. Large firms charge $1000 — $2500 for a trademark filing, as they are accustomed to corporate clients who are cost-insensitive.

Once the application is filed, your lawyer may charge you for updates, and certainly reporting and responding to office actions. The a low-cost provider will charge $200 – $400 for an office action response, while small firms typically charge $500 – $1000 and large firms $2000 – $3000. The cost has something to do with the quality and time spent on the response, but experience counts for a lot and a low-cost provided long on experience should get you over those hurdles.

When the application is allowed, the logo can be registered on the filing of a Statement of Use along with proof of your having used the mark in commerce. The official fee for that is $100 and the lawyers may charge an additional fee: $100 – $200 for low-cost providers, and $250 – $500 for small firms and large firms. Then the mark will be registered! Congratulations!

Marks need renewal every five (5) years, which involves attesting to the continued use of the mark and providing an up-to-date sample, along with an official fee of $125 per class. Again, lawyers charge a fee here, of $200 – $400 for a low-cost provider and $500 – $1000 for a small or large firm.

Make sure you do your research on who will provide your trademark services, considering the success rate of a low-cost provider is similar to that of a large firm.


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