Trademarking your Blog Name

How to Trademark a Blog Name

You have a good blog idea, or have been running your blog for a while, and think that it’s a good time to protect the name of the blog with a trademark. How do you start?

Trademark Search – first, you’ll want to search to be sure the blog name is not already taken. Start your search in the USPTO, using the TESS Trademark Search Engine. If you want to be more specific, choose an international classification of ‘041’ but classes do overlap so other classes may also apply. Searching in Google or Bing is more likely to turn up blogs that have unregistered trademark names, and this is important as unregistered blog names also develop trademark rights if they predate yours.

Trademark Filing – Once you know the coast is clear, you can file an application with the USPTO under the TEAS filing system, of use a trademark attorney (we file for you, and monitor the application, at a very competitive prices). You’ll want to pick at least international class 041 (information through a web site), Once the application is filed, you can wait to hear from the Examiner with further questions, or your mark may go straight through to allowance.

Trademark Monitoring – Once your trademark is registered, it’s not the end of the journey, since you still need to monitor the use of your trademark in the marketplace. If you don’t, and a competitor starts using your mark, eventually you will no longer be able to stop them, and your brand uniqueness will be at risk We offer trademark monitoring services to give you monthly reports on who is using your mark.

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