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Trademark Applications without an Attorney

We have been scouring the web for competent, lo-cost trademark application filers that can appeal to individuals and small businesses starting out. Obviously, they have to keep costs in check while getting the trademark protection they need for their new brand. A trademark attorney or trademark lawyer would be a poor choice for a start-up as their services are traditionally too expensive, and they are more geared towards established businesses that may be in contentious circumstances with their trademarks. offers Simple, Fast Trademark filing for around $100, with other services having more options, such as a detailed search or the help of an attorney, priced higher. The basic trademark application provides a direct hit search, review of the application for common problems and monitoring the trademark application through the examination process.

It’s great value for a start-up. Then, if an office action arises, we would be happy to help, and TrademarKraft can provide some standard responses, if legal argument is not required.

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