can someone use my trademark?

Can someone else make a product with a name that has one of my trademarked words in it?

Trademarks cover the mark in association with a product or service. Having a trademark registration doesn’t give you a monopoly on the word, and does not protect against non-commercial use, but it does give you exclusivity in commercial use of the trademark with regard to those products or services, or similar products/services. For example, if […]

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Likelihood of Confusion

Refused trademark registration because of “similarity of marks” or “likelihood of confusion”?

Trademark application refused registration for likelihood of confusion? The purpose of trademarks is to differentiate one source of certain goods and services from another. Therefore, the goal of registered marks is to not be confusing with one another, and, if a registered mark (or application that pre-dates yours) is viewed by an examiner as confusing […]

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