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Trademarks with Amazon Brand Registry – Defend your Brand

Defend your brand on Amazon with a registered trademark and the Amazon Brand Registry

Once you are successful on Amazon, customers will get to know your brand and will look for it before making their purchases. However, copycats will swoop in and try to benefit from your goodwill, that you have built up with blood, sweat and tears. There are various ways to protect your brand name, but one of the easiest and most effective is to i) register a Federal US Trademark, and ii) register it with the Amazon Brand Registry.

With Amazon, a registered trademark gives you access to the Amazon Brand Registry, which allows you to register the brand and prevent unscrupulous companies from taking advantage of your hard-earned goodwill, by using your brand. You can now stop them by pulling down their listing, and take other actions against them, based on your registered trademark, that cement your competitive position. Similarly, Google and Apple (as well as other content providers) will take down material that has been posted by your competitors, that uses any of your brands, on notice. The notice takes on new gravity once you have a registered trademark.

We have many years experience with taking the most efficient path to having your competitors’ materials taken down, including removing competitive product listings, and having advertising deactivated. Contact us today for a quote on a trademark registration. We use strategies that help your trademark register faster so you can stop copycats faster.

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