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Why Bother with Terms and Conditions for your Website or App?

Terms and Conditions -. Nobody reads them, right? So do they have any meaning at all? If you have app users or web visitors, the terms and conditions govern the relationship between you and those users. And they are binding in most, if not all countries, even without express agreement by a user.

A comprehensive set of terms covers subjects as diverse as protection of your intellectual property and brands, ensuring payment for services and limitation of damages, It also governs what a user may or may not do on the site, and often has a list of acceptable (and unacceptable) behaviors.

Dispute resolution is one of the most important features of the terms and conditions. You can specify a jurisdiction, that is convenient to you or has law that is favorable to your objectives, and can introduce an arbitration agreement which prevents class actions and sends the user to a forum that limits costs, unlike the potential black hole (both time and money) of a law suit.

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